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Hi Friends of Colorado’s Rivers,

Our home base is in Boulder and Larimer Counties, Colorado, where the rivers are facing the most intense dam assault in history.

First, in Boulder County we are deep in the battle to protect South Boulder Creek, Middle Boulder Creek, and St. Vrain Creek. Four dam projects — some very small, others huge —  are either being built or engaging in permitting processes that will impact the flow of water and ecological health of these waterways.

  • The Left Hand & St. Vrain Water District is proposing a huge dam — called “Coffintop Dam” — on the western edge of the Town of Lyons. We are in state water court opposing the project.
  • Eldora Ski Area west of Boulder is proposing seven very small dams on creeks on their property that flow into either South Boulder Creek or Middle Boulder Creek. We are in state water court opposing the project.
  • The Town of Nederland is proposing a new small dam, which they call “Nederland Reservoir,” directly on Middle Boulder Creek just west of town. We are in state water court opposing the project.
  • And finally, we are still in federal district court against Denver Water’s huge expansion of Gross Dam on South Boulder Creek. The project is being built and our chances of success are small, though we battle on because there’s still a chance to affect the outcome that could benefit the Colorado River.

Second, in Larimer County our sister organization — Save The Poudre — is in the fight of its life against four large-scale proposed dam and pipeline projects proposed for the Cache al Poudre River.

  • The massive “Northern Integrated Supply Project” (NISP) would divert about 35% of the river’s already degraded flow through Fort Collins. Save The Poudre is in two lawsuits against NISP, in federal and state district courts.
  • The proposed “Thornton Pipeline” would continue draining the Poudre River to build a large pipeline north of Fort Collins. Save The Poudre has notified all parties that it will sue to stop it in the next three weeks.
  • The City of Fort Collins is proposing a large tear-down and rebuild of “Halligan Dam” on the North Fork of the Poudre River, a project that would further drain the mainstem west of Fort Collins. Save The Poudre is waiting for the Army Corps to issue its Record of Decision so the organization can jump into legal action if likely needed.
  • The City of Greeley is proposing to divert more water out of the mainstem of the Poudre west of Fort Collins and store that water in an underground aquifer. Save The Poudre is investigating if the federal Safe Drinking Water Act applies because the aquifer also contains radioactive uranium residue.

These court and permitting battles are intense, time-consuming, and long-term. These two counties are under the relentless assault of a warming climate and population growth, both of which increase the pressure on water supplies and thus the region’s rivers. Our organizations are defenders of rivers and we are standing straight and tall in front of this freight train to seek a better outcome that protects and restores rivers instead of further drains them. We have a team of attorneys by our sides who are passion-driven, river-loving, and law-enforcing.

Will the rivers of Boulder and Larimer Counties survive?  Our organizations are doing everything possible to keep these rivers alive.

You can donate online by clicking here.

All best,

Gary Wockner, Director
Save The World’s Rivers, Save The Colorado, and Save The Poudre

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