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The Karnali River in Nepal is threatened by a massive hydropower dam. The Karnali is a beautiful river and one of the last free-flowing rivers in a country that has seen its rivers decimated by hydropower dams. In 2017, Gary Wockner traveled to Nepal and did a Karnali River trip with Megh Ale, the Karnali River Waterkeeper. Gary wrote this story, “Saving the Wild Karnali River of Nepal” for Waterkeeper Magazine.

In 2019, Gary followed up with an interview of Megh Ale in Waterkeeper Magazine, titled, “Megh Ale keeps finding ways to protect Nepal’s last wild river“.

Check out this video of Megh Ale along the Karnali River here.

Save The World’s Rivers continues to stay in touch with advocates in Nepal who are working to protect the Karnali River. We are seeking ways to support advocates and protect the Karnali for the future.

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