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Our science team estimated GHG emissions of the Site C project. The short report is posted here:

A summary of our findings:

“The best available science indicates that the estimated yearly operational carbon footprint of Site C is equal to the lowest of natural gas electricity production. As such, it is certainly disputable that Site C is a “clean energy project” as promoted on its website and in other marketing materials. Moreover, a graphic prepared by Site C (dated 7/9/2020) stated that the GHG emissions from the project would be 10.5 kg CO2e/MWh – however, the best available science used in our report indicates that the yearly emissions are estimated to be 396 kg CO2e/MWh 19 .

Further, the Site C website states: “Site C will have among the lowest GHG emissions, per gigawatt hour, compared to other resource options.” Our analysis, which uses the best available science to estimate emissions, indicates that this statement is incorrect – solar and wind, among other energy choices, would have lower GHG emissions.”

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